Planning Northern Lights Holidays for 2014

Northern Lights Holidays 2014

These days, more and more people want to see the beauty of one of nature’s greatest spectacles: the Aurora Borealis. It is, therefore, advisable to plan ahead and book your Northern Lights holidays 2014 well in advance.

Best time to travel

Because the Aurora Borealis is a naturally occurring phenomena, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it will appear. However, September through to April are considered the best viewing months - so long as there is a cloudless sky. In terms of time, the lights usually appear between 9pm and 1am, in remote spots with little light pollution. Although present all year round, it is only when conditions are right that the spectacle becomes visible.

Where to go

Iceland – as most of the country lies within the Arctic Circle, the lights can be seen from almost anywhere in Iceland, given the right conditions.

Scandinavia – northerly regions of Norway, Finland and Sweden are also great locations. Abisko, Tromsø and Kittilä are the more popular areas.

Canada – due to its northerly location, there are many great spotting locations in Canada.

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